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CYPRES 2 Service Bulletin - January 2013 -- Important: please check your CYPRES 2 date of manufacture before next use!
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CYPRES Newsletter - May 2005 -- CYPRES 2 model conversion (152KB)
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As the next generation of CYPRES, CYPRES 2 combines tried and true quality and reliability with new achievements, technology, and discoveries made during the past 20 years of continued research and development.


Proven parameters remain the same:

Optimized parameters:


CYPRES 2 offers numerous additional features and attributes including:

According to Airtec's current standard of knowledge, the total lifetime of CYPRES 2 should be 12 years.

Delivery of the first Expert CYPRES 2 units began May 13, 2003!

The factory price of CYPRES 1 has never increased - Unlike most skydiving equipment, the price has been steady for over 12 years. Although the initial purchase price of CYPRES 2 is higher, for the skydiver the new CYPRES is less expensive than the old one because you will never have to purchase a battery! The power supply handling of CYPRES 2 is simply a portion of the maintenance, and included in the cost. The intention is to keep the maintenance flat rate (inflation effects and other possible future impacts excluded) where it is, but eliminate the whole power supply issue.

Although the (European currency) price of CYPRES 2 is higher than that of CYPRES 1, because of changes in exchange rates, the initial purchase price of CYPRES 2 in other currencies (like US dollars) is, in many cases, approximately the same or less than the amount paid for CYPRES 1 a number of years ago - even without taking inflation into account. (Note: Unfortunately for US customers, the US dollar has taken another nose-dive in the international marketplace the past two weeks.)

The CYPRES-2 philosophy is simple:
* Except for switching it on at the beginning of the day, and changing the filter after a water landing.

The reliability and precision of CYPRES 1 has made it possible for AAD's to be accepted by virtually all skydivers worldwide. Today, 12 years after the start, CYPRES is an integral part of most rigs. The CYPRES family of AAD's work with a remarkable reliability. To date, as production of CYPRES 1 comes to an end, CYPRES units have saved the lives of more than 1000 skydivers, without a single unit ever refusing to activate when the conditions were met. This result is based on a lot of research, which was done before the first unit was sold, and continued research and development during the last 12 years. CYPRES 2 is the next chapter of the most reliable piece of skydiving equipment ever produced.

In addition to this research, all available containers have been tested for CYPRES compatibility. These tests, done at Airtec, are a cooperative effort between the rig manufacturers and Airtec. Various different CYPRES installation configurations have been worked out to assure a reliable reserve container opening after a CYPRES activation.

In recent years, Airtec has tested all new rigs for the same reason. The tests are without costs for the rig manufacturer. Since 1994, Airtec has provided all the necessary parts to nearly all rig manufacturers worldwide free of charge, so that all rigs can be delivered CYPRES ready. This fact assures that the mounting of a CYPRES in the reserve container can be done in minutes.

For nearly all older rigs, detailed retrofit instructions can be found in the "CYPRES Rigger's Guide for Installation", which provides riggers worldwide the necessary information for the very important correct CYPRES installation. In addition, there is the "Packer's Checklist", so riggers can verify the correct setup in each container.

The extremely reliable function of CYPRES is based on 4 facts: exclusive use of carefully pretreated and approved parts, strict and detailed manufacturing procedures, continuous quality control and monitoring through the manufacturing process, and regular periodic technical service (maintenance). The maintenance is a very important and irreplaceable component. CYPRES units are maintained using the same equipment and techniques as during production. Personnel have been working more than 12 years and exclusively on CYPRES. They perform updates and eliminate possible weak points before a problem even occurs. Experience shows that this is the only way to ensure the correct function of an AAD over time - be skeptical about anyone who says otherwise.

It is of course possible for someone to declare that an AAD device is designed, manufactured, and tested such that it is airworthy for a long time. Our philosophy is different. Our aim is to ensure with the highest degree possible that skydivers who use a CYPRES do not die because of a no-pull situation. This is the reason for the maintenance and lifetime of CYPRES - the only one. It was so at the beginning, and is even stronger after 12 years of experience in manufacturing and maintaining a life saving device.

The fact that maintenance is a flat-rate cost, independent of the amount of work performed, will remain the same for CYPRES 2. In the past 12 years, not a single customer has paid extra for a repair (physical damage excluded); this will also remain the same.

This infrastructure, detailed technical knowledge and experience with AAD's - you will only find it at in one place, a small village in Germany named Bad Wunnenberg.

CYPRES 2 is the next step in the goal of reducing the number of Low / No Pull fatalities in our sport further toward zero.


CYPRES 2 User Guide:
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